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हाम्रो बारेमा

About us

GorkhaPost ( formerly SpotNepal) is a news and magazine site registered with Nepal Government  for enthusiasts of Nepalis with focus on news, sharing information and knowledge on entertainment, health, information technology and more. The site strives to offer insights on the Nepal, its political issues, natural beauties, travel information to its readers.

About PM

P Media (PM) is a new age Media Company committed to leveraging content on the Web to start conversations and build communities. We believe in the power of content to initiate an exchange of views and ideas among target audiences across verticals. This power is rooted in the medium itself because unlike traditional media where you read or listen, in the digital world you engage.


We create unique content that is thought provoking and flares the imagination of the community. Our editorial content will aim to be collaborative, inclusive and conversation centric. Through superior design and user interface, the content will strive to energize and promote the growth of community eco systems. We aggregate content from disparate sources and manage it by ensuring that it stays current and relevant.

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